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Diagnostic Testing For Cardiac Abnormalities

Phoenix Cardiovascular Institute Echocardiogram


An Echocardiogram is a type of Ultrasound that checks the structure and function of the heart.

Phoenix Cardiovascular Institute Nuclear Stress Test

Nuclear Stress Test

A nuclear stress test is an imaging test that shows how blood goes to the heart at rest and during exercise.

Phoenix Cardiovascular Institute Graded Exercise and Treadmill Stress Tests

Graded Exercise and Treadmill Stress Tests

A Graded Exercise Stress Test (GXT) or Exercise Treadmill Test (ETT) allows doctors to observe the ability of the patient to perform cardiovascular exercise (functional capacity).

Phoenix Cardiovascular Institute Stress Echocardiography

Stress Echocardiography

Stress echocardiography (ultrasound) is a test that uses ultrasound imaging to show how well your heart muscle is working as it pumps blood to your body.